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Rock and Metal – Only the Best Ever

The best songs that send a true message to us !

64 Videos in Playlist

Linkin Park - CASTLE OF GLASS (featured in Medal of Honor Warfighter)Thirty Seconds To Mars - This Is WarSAIL - AWOLNATIONImagine Dragons - RadioactiveOneRepublic - Counting StarsLana Del Rey - Summertime SadnessMetallica - Turn The PageWithin Temptation - MemoriesKings Of Leon - Sex on Fire[Official] Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough (Feat. Brent Smith)NIGHTWISH - Bye Bye BeautifulMetallica - Nothing Else Matters ( clip)Nightwish - While Your Lips Are Still Red [HD -Kamelot - The HauntingNightwish - Phantom Of The OperaAMORPHIS - Silent WatersLeaves' Eyes-Mourning TreeHAMMERFALL - Last Man StandingManowar - Warriors of the WorldNIGHTWISH - AmaranthI Don't CareNightwish - Nemo []HIM - The Funeral Of HeartsThe Rasmus - Sail Away (alt.end)GOTTHARD - Lift U UpNightwish - Over the hills and far awayWithin Temptation - AngelsSIRENIA - The End Of It All (Mono Sound Version)Nightwish - Sleeping Sun [HD 720p]Within Temptation - FasterGOTTHARD - The CallScorpions and Tarja Turunen - The good die young (The pacific)GOTTHARD - Anytime AnywhereSystem Of A Down - Lonely DayThe Rasmus - In The Shadows (US Version)Within Temptation - Stand My GroundGotthard - One life, one soul"Be Thou My Vision" by Eden's BridgeCain's Offering - Elegantly BrokenThe Edge of ForeverKamelot - The HauntingEpica - Cry For The MoonCain's Offering - Into The BlueAvenged Sevenfold - So Far Away []AC/DC - ThunderstruckStone Sour - Through Glass []Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God []Sum 41 - Blood In My EyesFive Finger Death Punch - Remember EverythingFive Finger Death Punch- Bad CompanyLACUNA COIL - I Wont Tell YouSHINEDOWN - The Crow & the Butterfly (Official )LACUNA COIL - Heaven's A Lie (HIGH QUALITY)TURISAS - Stand Up And FightSwallow the Sun - Cathedral WallsXandria - RavenheartSONATA ARCTICA - I Have A RightGuns N' Roses - November RainNickelback - How You Remind MeMetallica - Whiskey In The JarIron Maiden - Run To The HillsAlice Cooper - Hey StoopidMetallica- Welcome home (Sanitarium)NIGHTWISH - Storytime (OFFICIAL )
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